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Summer may be coming to an end but that doesn't mean your projects are too! Let our team of Pro's help you today!
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Now is the perfect time to replace those drafty windows. You'll be glad you did this winter! http://goo.gl/EhYxRk
Wishing you and yours a safe, relaxing and happy Labor Day!

Expert Articles & Advice

Repairing Rotted Window Sills

Window sills take quite a beating. Constant exposure to the sun, rain and ice can take a toll, especially when water finds its way beneath the layer of paint and caulk. Ongoing exposure to moisture can cause the still to rot, a process that only gets worse over time.

Gutter Installation Tips

Gutters play an important role in keeping your home safe from water damage. Without them, your foundation can be weakened over time; water can seep into your basement, or at the very least, splash onto your siding or damage landscaping and foliage below.

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