Cleaning Your Light Fixtures: Safe and Easy Ways to Make Your Lights Shine Like New

Cleaning Your Light Fixtures: Safe and Easy Ways to Make Your Lights Shine Like New

When cleaning your home, we often forget to simply look up! Dusty or dirty light fixtures can greatly reduce the amount of light in your room and, while they don’t necessarily need to become part of your daily or weekly cleaning ritual, should be given some attention every month or so before they become an eyesore. Depending on the type of light fixture you are looking to clean, here are some hints to diminish the hassle involved in tidying those hard-to-reach fixtures.

1. When cleaning any light fixture, make sure to turn off or unplug the light to let the bulbs cool down to prevent burns. Take this time to make sure each bulb is tightly screwed into its socket, so no moisture or cleaning fluid accidentally seeps into the electric elements of the fixture.

2. Chandeliers are undoubtedly the most troublesome fixtures to clean with their many parts. Some sources will recommend you take down the entire chandelier and clean each piece individually on the ground. While this is certainly the most thorough way of cleaning your fixture, it seems a little over the top for a monthly cleaning. Instead, we recommend you dust the fixture first with a feather duster. Next, take a spray bottle filled with equal parts warm water and vinegar and shower the entire fixture in the solution. Make sure to place a towel on the floor beneath the fixture to catch the dirty water as it falls.

3. Glass shades that sit flush to your ceiling are the fixtures that will look dirty the soonest, as they have a tendency to attract both dust and insects. Remove these fixtures from the ceiling, fill a bucket with warm soapy water and rinse the shade. Let the shade dry fully on a rag before returning it to its place.

4. Ceiling Fans should be cleaned with a damp rag or duster. Be sure to not polish the metal parts as you may buff away protective layers meant to keep the fan’s motor and blades running smoothly. For an extra sheen, use a furniture polish on your fan’s wooden blades, though, again, make sure to keep this solution away from the metal parts.

In short, when cleaning your home, it is surely a mistake to turn a blind eye to your light fixtures. Taking twenty minutes to clean these more out-of-the-way spots will make your day—and home—a little brighter!