Watch the Skies

Drones have become an important sales and marketing tool for exterior remodelers, And new uses for the technology are just around the corner

Watch the Skies

Just about everyone in home improvement hates to climb a ladder when they’re on a sales call. Enter drones. They’re not just toys anymore. Instead, drones are becoming must-have sales tools for aggressive exterior remodeling companies, which are using them in all phases of the sales and marketing process. 

Impress Prospects With Drone Video

Roofman USA, of southeastern Michigan, is one of the exterior remodeling companies leading the charge with drone technology. Co-owner Karson Greaves has incorporated drone videos into the company’s sales and marketing processes.

Roofman’s drones fly over and around the home, producing instant video for a salesperson to share with the homeowner. The effect is dramatic. “Most homeowners get a new roof once or twice in their lives,” Greaves says. “We’re able to show them the flaws in their roof, to an extent. But when there’s a picture or a video of it, they understand.”

Homeowners are almost always impressed with the technology. Remember: While most people know about drones, few have actually seen one operate as a solution for their home. Greaves says that a portion of the older homeowners that Roofman meets with question why videos and images of their home are necessary. “But,” he adds, “for the most part ... 80 percent of prospects like to see it.”

Drones Make Great Marketing Video

 The use of drones doesn’t stop at sales. Drones make for great marketing material, as they can capture video from various angles before work begins, during the renovation, and after the new roof is installed.

Roofman is using that video for YouTube, in addition to the company’s broadcast television efforts. “The drone video is definitely helping with our commercials for spots on TV,” Greaves says. “I would guess that half to two-thirds of the footage is all drone video. And it’s having an impact.”

The Future of Drones Is Bright for Remodelers

While the earliest uses for drones are on the sales and marketing side, new innovations are coming. The widespread use of drones to take accurate, comprehensive measurements of an exterior is just around the corner. This will also streamline materials purchasing.

So while drones may seem like a lot of fun to play with (and they are), they are also evolving into multi-functional business tools that will be standard issue around the industry in years to come. Watch the skies.


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