Why You Should Fence In Your Fortress

Why You Should Fence In Your Fortress

There are many advantages to installing fencing around your home. Whether it be wrought iron or white picket, a well chosen fence can add to the aesthetic and monetary value of your home, provide privacy, and serve as a safety precaution. Fencing can be a key feature of any landscaping project, and is a neat and affordable accent to your preexisting outdoor décor.

With quality fencing that highlights the architecture and style of your home, the value of your property will increase. If you think you may sell your house at some point in the future, you may want to consider adding a fence, which will substantially contribute to your home's curb appeal. Think of a fence as an extension of your home, and remember that first impressions are the most important.

A quality fence can offer protection and privacy between the perimeter of your property and the rest of the neighborhood. This doesn't have to mean that you become an unfriendly neighbor, but rather can eschew problems such as animal damage and droppings and kids taking short-cuts across your lawn. It can provide a barrier so that you have a private space to relax in lawn chairs or sun bathe. For this sort of privacy, it is best to erect a solid cedar or vinyl fence or a picket fence with very close slats. 

If you have a pool in your back yard, installing a fence around the area is a good safety precaution, especially if you or your neighbors have children. Further, a fence can keep children from running off or coming into contact with animals or strangers. How you build the fence will largely depend on what material you use and the space of the enclosure.  You will likely need a post hole digger, and a shovel to dig the trench that supports your structure. It is likely to be a task that takes multiple days, and may cause a bit of a mess for some time.  So, as with all construction undertakings, make certain that fences are permitted in your neighborhood, and if they are, mention it to your immediate neighbors so that they are aware of your fence installation. It will affect both you and your neighborhood.