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Color is an essential element in any design project. A properly selected color scheme will enhance the design of a room, kitchen cabinets, and home interior and exterior. However, it can be tricky to select that perfect color scheme to bring together the design elements and attain the desired ambiance of a room. Don’t leave this important decision up to chance. Our certified True Colour Expert, Laura Freeman, will help you select the perfect color scheme for your project to achieve the desired results.

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Meet Laura Freeman, K&B Designer on the Marquette Team. Laura attended intensive hands on training with Maria Killam, the creator of Understanding Undertones and a Colour Expert. This training gave Laura the understanding of undertones, which colors work together and why. She can confidently assist you in the selection of the best color scheme to meet your design goals. With so much riding on the element of color, safeguard your project by putting our expertise to work for you.

For more information, contact Laura at (906) 226-7541.

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